Thursday, March 17, 2011

NAND Gate Pulse Generator Circuit

The Following diagram is the Pulse (Clock) Generator circuit diagram of the which the build based on NAND Gate Logic IC. You May use IC 7400 or 4011 for this circuit. This circuit is very useful while checking / operating counters, stepping relays and other digital circuits. It avoids the procedure of setting a switch for the required number of pulses.

NAND Gate Pulse Generator CircuitNAND Gate Pulse Generator Circuit

7400 NAND Gate Pinout

For a range of Pulse speeds determined by a large capacitor (4.7 μF) and a logarithmicpotentiometer (1 MΩ), but feel free to play around and find Some better combinations for yourself. A single clock cans Also be Used to drive installments sequencers, so u cans have all the instruments to play together.

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