Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Symasym5, is a "cute" power amplifier, designed with quality but still low price in mind. This resulted in a ClassAB BJT amplifier, using only TO92 transistors for input and VAS, with a reasonable part count. The topology used is well known and consist of a single diffamp for input, plus a 2nd diffamp with current mirror for VAS. This is followed by normal darlington EF outputstage using modern high beta devices. The circuit uses large amounts of feedback over the whole audioband and an unconventional feedback compensation scheme. Right now symasym is designed to be driven directly from a CD/DVD-player, simply place a 22k poslog stereo pot between player and symasym. (as voltage divider)
The at least change is to reduce C14 from 22pF to 10pF, but i recommend to follow Pavel's advice.
I recommend C14 with 10pF also for MJLs, this increases safety margin.
Do not forget to read Pavel's Review! A very promising evaluation of the qualities to be expected from symasym. Thanks Pavel !
Another update are the resistors R31/32 to be increased from 22ohm to 47ohm. Symasym5_3 is an update of v5.2, with an improved board layout concerning power gnd,

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