Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1.5V Battery operated FM Transmitter

1.5V Battery operated FM Transmitter1.5V Battery operated FM Transmitter

This accomplishing is acclimatized to rebroadcast the achievement of a CD player, television receiver, or radio receiver. I use it so that I can move about the abode and accept to my admired programs after advancing others. Within and the house, I acquisition that I can get 10 to 20 meters abroad from the transmitter with the baby abridged FM receiver I backpack in my shirt pocket. Your breadth may vary.

The transmitter as congenital and pictured beneath (the transmitter is in the balloon of hot cook cement on the end of the array holder) does not accept an on-off switch. I put a 1.5 AA corpuscle that was run bottomward too far to run my CD amateur in this transmitter and it ran for over a ages afore I replaced it. The one in the transmitter at this moment has been active it continuously for over three months. Current draw is alone about a milliamp with a new array (assuming you don't accept a super-high beta transistor in which case the abstract absolute is about 2.5 ma). An on-off swich is not necessary, admitting it may amuse an affecting need.

Tips to get it working: Wind the braid on a 4 or 5 mm bore Philips brand screwdriver or agnate anatomy again blooper it off. I acclimated some vinyl cloistral #24 amalgamation wire as able-bodied as #30 enameled wire. In both cases, I played with the breadth of the braid to tune the transmitter to a asleep atom on the FM band. The braid is captivated in abode with hot cook glue. If you don't accept a spectrum analyzer or abundance meter, use a good-quality FM receiver to accomplish abiding its acquainted area you anticipate it is. While adjusting the coil, accumulate in apperception that all superheterodyne receivers accept images. If you acquisition that two or added adjustments accomplish the transmitter appearance up on the aforementioned atom on the receiver, it ability be all-important to booty a abbreviate airing and acquisition out which acclimation drops out aboriginal -this would be the image, because the receiver's advanced end (if it has a acquainted advanced end) will abate its acuteness to the image.

Many kinds of transistors will assignment accomplished in this application. After all, its alone an oscillator (frequency accentuation is acquired my modulating the base-collector voltage, thereby modulating the abyss of the burning band of the reverse-biased base-collector junction, which after-effects in a change in capacitance at the collector, which after-effects in a change the beating abundance of the beneficiary circuit.). I acclimated an 2N4401 because I accept a lot of them. I like 2N3904 and MPSH34 for this too.

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