Sunday, April 3, 2011

20A Variable Power Supplay Circuit Based L200 IC

This Power Supplay circuit is constructed for the use with 100Watt transceivers. When you build the unit you should care for a good kooling of the finals. The next thing is to provide at least 2500uF pro Ampere you want to pull out of it. You can get more current out of the circuit by adding more final transistors to it. Except of the emitter resistors all of the other ones are for 0,5 Watts typs.

L200 Variable Power Supplay Circui 20A Variable Power Supplay Circuit

The L200 is abel of regulating the voltage as well as the current. The TAG 226 and the zener-diode are there to protect the attached equipment against overvoltage. The power-supply is adjusted to run at 13.8V and the zener-diode is a 14V type, so as soon as the voltage gets to 14V the thyristor will be switched and produces a shortcut, and blows the 20A fuse. To use the circuit with this handbrake at higher voltages you should replace ZD14 against a higher one. Or make an adjustible krowbar that runs simultanuesly with the voltage

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